7 (FREE)Awesome business tools + how to use them.

Business owners have plenty of options when it comes to managing their operations. It seems like there’s a new app for instant messaging, invoicing, and customer relationship management popping up every other minute. If you’re looking for an efficient tool that will help you run your business and manage your team, you don’t have to... Continue Reading →


Two things that have placed Kenya on the map; the record-breaking athletes and the wildebeest migration that occurs from late July through to early November. However, from the Kenya’s coast to the primitive landscapes in the north, tourism in Kenya is more than just a safari. Kenya Tourism Infographic Tourism in Kenya Top Destinations National... Continue Reading →

Top 15 Mombasa Hotels to visit during August Holiday

The gateway to the coast of Kenya, Mombasa is one of the best travel destinations in Kenya. When Ibn Battuta visited Mombasa in the 14th century, it was a small commercial center, which later on became one of the most important port cities along the East African Coast. Today Mombasa is the largest port in Kenya.Offering a... Continue Reading →

Earn Bitcoins by using cryptotab extension on chrome

Even though mining cryptocurrency through internet browsers is somewhat of a controversial practice, some companies are trying to turn it into a legitimate business. CryptoTab is one such project. There are some concerns over what this project has to offer, though, as it seemingly requires users to refer people before getting paid. What Is CryptoTab?... Continue Reading →

5 Best Country Lodges in Kenya

Lush green lawns, quaint but beautiful one storey buildings with red brick roofs, hilly but pristine locations and grandeur furnishings are some of the outstanding features of clubs and country lodges in Kenya. Most Kenyan country lodges and clubs have rooms with private balconies overlooking a garden, an exotic forest or rolling hills. Here are... Continue Reading →

5 Family Friendly 5 and 4 Star Hotels in Naivasha

Naivasha is a laidback city with fine-dining restaurants, few modern shopping complexes and 5 star hotels. Since it is Nairobi's retreat city, it is the main getaway point for a relaxed weekend.For family holidays, or city breaks in Naivasha, a number of five-star city hotels have all the facilities and amenities you need. Popular 5... Continue Reading →

5 easy steps to losing weight

We want this to be the most successful weight loss year you have ever had. So here are some tips to get you motivated and inspired to get started. Because effective weight loss is as much about how you’re thinking as what you’re eating… 1. Make a plan Create a doable plan that supports the... Continue Reading →

NICU nurse more than a job

"The automatic response when I tell someone that I work in the NICU is inherently the same; "Wow. that must be really sad, I donno how you do that!" And every time a person says this, a million thoughts and feelings run through my head of things I could tell them... things I could tell... Continue Reading →

Headphones VS Earphones: Tips to help you select yours

What do you look for in headphones and earphones? Although there are many models to choose from, your planned use should help greatly to narrow your choices. I am pretty sure all music lovers have probably come to this crossroads at some point when they try to decide which is the better pick, headphones vs earphones?... Continue Reading →

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